The best professional services firms are also run as commercially successful operations. The best law, accounting, PR or real estate advice is delivered by a strong business. They are happier places to work, they are more profitable and so more confident, and they offer their clients a better service. Yet for every firm that is actively growing and nurturing its business practices we see many, many more that just seemed to be clinging on to the good old ways of doing things, and hoping for the best.

 So how does it feel to be a client of your firm? Do you focus on what you do…or who you do it for? Do you use The Client Lens® ?  To see things as your client sees them.

 The opportunity is great for firms that offer professional solutions and services genuinely on their clients’ terms. Have you thought about creating a client advisory group? Gather a group of your key customers together every few months and talk to them about what you do for them, and most importantly you listen to their ideas and needs. How many of your competitors do this? I‘m ready to bet that not one of you reading this does anything like this. Is today the day to start planning your first meeting?

 Using the Client Lens requires a real change in thinking. As with all change it takes time and effort to make it happen. It will bring you unimaginable insights and ideas about how to make your business more successful.