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Where do you want to be?

Where are you now?
As your transformation coach these are the two key questions I focus on when I work with you.

We get clarity on where things are now in your business, job or career, and why. And then we work out where you or the business needs to get to, and how to go about getting there.

Whether you need to transform the basics of your business or department, or to develop your own professional performance
- coaching gets results.
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Hallos Workshop - What colors are you?
Helping leaders and businesses transform.
As your transformation coach, Eddie will help you to set your goals and better manage your business, job, or life in general. He'll work with you to develop transformation plans in key success areas that you define together.
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Executive Coaching
Communication strategy
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Certified Focal Point Coach
Melissa Davis
Managing Director and Owner at MD Communications
“Eddie helps me step back from the day to day of the business to think strategically and to have a vision to work towards. He is a valued member of our advisory board, and coaches several of our staff.”
Daniel Gerow
CEO and Owner at The Agency Project
“Eddie keeps me accountable to make sure I am constantly building a strong and healthy business, as well as effectively servicing our clients. Eddie has become a core team member, always there to listen, and a trusted advisor as we grow and develop the business.
John Jones
CPA Managing Partner, Linkenheimer
'Eddie ran a useful and insightful workshop on effective working relationships  for all our staff and partners at Linkenheimer"
James Hickey
CEO Alliott Group
“Eddie has helped us to define and develop the strategy for the Group".
Apryl Jolas and Dawn Rejebian
Partners at Rejebian Jolas Real Estate Team
“Eddie helps us to think about what makes us successful today, and working together we are building a plan for growth.
Melanie Rudebeck
Director The Community School
“Eddie works with me and my teaching staff to optimize our communication and professional working relationships"
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