Chief Accountability Officer

 As CEO or owner of your business you rely on your team: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Financial Officer(CFO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO). They keep you informed, deliver results and execute your strategy. Despite having all these people around you it can feel very lonely at the top.

Who makes sure that you deliver your part in the success of the business? Who can you really talk to when the going gets tough? Who has the guts to tell you straight about the things you aren’t seeing? Or don’t want to hear?

This is where a business coach can be a powerful addition to your senior team. A good business coach will bring significant experience from their own career, and be able to quickly grasp the challenges you face. A well-trained coach won’t do it for you, but rather support you to do the right thing. Not being a full-time part of your everyday management team gives your coach a uniquely ‘big picture’ perspective that will be invaluable for you.

 Most importantly, your coach will agree with you the actions you need to take, and hold you accountable to make them happen.

 Is it time to consider hiring a CAO for your business?